Advisor CRM Features


Automatically stay on top of your client lists. We keep track of when you need to connect to each of your clients so none of them slip through.

With our 1-Click Follow-Up, you are able to generate new business anytime you need!

Keeping Track

We keep a history of all the actions you do to your clients. So if you ever need to go back and look through a constant record keeping, you can see what happened.

Client Login
  • Share files with clients
  • Secure client login
  • File uploading
  • Client meeting requests
Active List
  • Sync your list with Google Tasks
  • Replace your sticky notes
  • Random reminders
  • No workflow interruption
Assets & Liabilities
  • Keep record of client assets,
    liabilities & investments
Other Features
  • Auto Generated Follow-Up Lists
  • Manage groups & referrals
  • Create reports
  • Sync with Google Contacts


Your calendar works the way you would expect. From dragging events around, deleting, it's stays intuitive for you!

  • Drag & Drop events
  • Multiple views
  • Auto birthdays & anniversaries
  • Sync with Google Calendar


Follow-up can make or break your business. It's extremely important to know who to connect with next.

Keep a track record of who you are connecting with, and use our system to auto-generate who to contact the next morning!

  • 1-Click Follow-Up
  • Auto Generated Follow-Up Lists
  • Manage groups & referrals
  • Send Birthday/Anniversary Cards


When your on the road, you can access your content from anywhere. If you are using the sync feature with Google, or just using the browser, you are able to get the right information at the right time.

Files & Documents

Keep your documents and files organized under each contact. Drag-and-Drop your files right onto the platform to upload their files.

If you need to write on your letterhead, use our online tool to generate the proper files and branding.


In the financial and insurance industry i'm sure you will all agree that you spend a lot of time filling out forms.

We have created two options for you to work with. One, you can upload PDF files from your vendors, and have them automatically filled in with the information you have available.

Option two, you get to design an online form, for your contacts to fill out. They both give you great ways of communicating and gathering information.

  • Create your own forms online
  • Receive responses from
    clients directly online
  • Upload your own forms
  • Pre-populated form filling


Keep your communication with your clients inside of Sticky Advisor. Send & Receive messages to/from your clients. This will help you stay focused on your clients throughout the day.

  • Templates for Messaging
  • Templates for Birthdays
  • Templates for Anniversaries
  • Templates for Christmas
  • Templates for anything you want!


We keep a history of all the actions you do to your contacts. So if you ever need to go back and look through a constant record keeping, you can see what happened.

Whether it is a record for legal reasons, or just so you can keep a constant track-record of your contacts, refer to the history.


  • Your assistant's personal login
  • Track your assistant's changes
  • Download shared resources
  • Upload your resources
  • Share amongst other advisors
Import & Export
  • Import / Export from ACT!, Maximizer, Goldmine, Outlook, or any other product!

One of the biggest features we have is that we keep all of your important information stored on Canadian soil.

We understand that keeping with Canadian Financial Laws, it's important to keep your contact's information based in Canada.

Many other products say they keep their information in Canada, but they truly don't.