About Sticky Advisor

Sticky Advisor started in Kelowna BC, Canada in 2010. Right out of the gate we knew we needed to integrate with each advisor and find out each of their needs. With this mantra we started building Sticky Advisor to become the advisor's assistant.

There are a number of CRM solutions out there and we knew that to set ourselves apart we would need to really focus on the specific needs of financial advisors. Rather than recreating exactly the same functionality as so many others have done, we have tried to provide an online assistant to the advisor. Yes, Sticky Advisor captures all of the contact data but it goes much further than this. To assist the advisor in the day to day processes, a resource library, fillableĀ  PDF forms can be stored and retrieved and automatically populated from client data when opened. Libraries can be set up to share files such as client statements. Of course there is the full calendaring functionality to maintain appointments and tasks, but there is also a "workflow" or "Activity List" that helps the advisor to keep all of the tasks that must be remembered from slipping through the cracks. You can take your appointments with you on the road because your smartphone will be automatically synchronized for your convenience.

Many features have already been built into this online CRM for advisors. This easy to use yet powerful organizational tool would help any advisor be more productive right out of the gate. We would be more than pleased to give you a personal tour of Sticky Advisor. I think you will agree it is more than a CRM, it is an onlineĀ  advisor's assistant.

There is no doubt after four and a half years working with advisors we continue to be one of the leaders in how advisors use the online world. We love listening to each suggestion to see how we can improve each workflow.